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Birdies Addict: The Women's Team Embracing Fore Player Golf Polos

Posted by Sophie PLICHON on
Birdies Addict: The Women's Team Embracing Fore Player Golf Polos

Co-branding with 4P (Fore Player) and Birdies Addict at Domaine Impérial

At the Domaine Impérial Golf Club in Gland, Switzerland, an exceptional team of female golfers, known as "Birdies Addict," is creating a sensation not only with their talent on the green, winning a tournament, but also with their impeccable style. Thanks to a special collaboration with Fore Player, these ladies have added a touch of chic and confidence to their game.

Co-branding with 4P (Fore Player) at Domaine Impérial

Domaine imperial Golf - FORE 4P PLAYER

The Domaine Impérial Golf Club has long been the playground for these golf enthusiasts. However, something special made its way onto the green this year. In preparation for their super mixed tournament, the Birdies Addict team chose to collaborate with Fore Player to create unique polos that not only represent their sport but also reflect their own bold style.

Fore Player: Daring to Be Different with Wrinkle-Resistant and Versatile Polos

Fore Player, the golf brand that champions breaking conventions, has always been the choice of daring spirits. The brand's director explained, "We partnered with the Birdies Addict team to create something special. We crafted these pink polos with the 4P logo from Fore Player on the sleeve so they could show their support while looking stylish."

It's precisely this blend of elegance and boldness that captivated these golfers. The bright pink polos stand out on the course, and the 4P logo on the sleeve adds a touch of sophistication. Moreover, these polos are wrinkle-resistant and versatile, ideal for all sporting activities.

"We wanted to show that golf can be both competitive and fun, and style plays a significant role in our approach," explains Guylaine, the team Captain.

A Team That Shines On and Off the Course with Fore Player's Wrinkle-Resistant and Eye-Catching Polos

When the Birdies Addict team donned their Fore Player polos at the mixed tournament, they caught everyone's attention. The vibrant pink represented femininity and confidence, while the 4P logo displayed their commitment to style and quality. Additionally, they enjoyed the comfort of Fore Player's wrinkle-resistant polos throughout the entire day of play.

In the end, the Birdies Addict team won much more than trophies that day. They gained the respect and admiration of their peers for their unique style and team spirit. Fore Player's brand director concluded, "We are thrilled that our collaboration with Birdies Addict was a success. It shows that golf can be an elegant and enjoyable experience, and we are proud to have played a role in this story."

The story of the Birdies Addict team is a reminder that golf is more than just a sport. It's an experience, a lifestyle, and with Fore Player's wrinkle-resistant, versatile, and eye-catching polos, it's also a statement of style.

FORE 4P PLAYER AMBASSADOR - Golf Domaine imperial

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